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Wavell School GCSE Results 2016

Publication of School Performance Tables

Please note that the National School Performance Tables that were published on 19th January 2017 are not accurate for our school as they do not reflect some successful GCSE appeals that came through in late December. You will therefore see some variation between the figures we have published below and those shown in the Performance Tables. We are currently working with the Department for Education to ensure that the correct figures are published. We believe the figures below reflect the true picture.

A*/A results continue to rise 

  • The overall pass rate
  • The percentage of pupils who gained 5 A* to C grades
  • Percentage achieving a good pass in English and Mathematics

This represents the percentage of students that gained at least a grade C in both English and Mathematics. The national average is 59%.

  • The percentage of pupils who gained 5 A* to C grades INCLUDING Maths and English
  • The percentage of grades that were A to A*
  • English Baccalaureate (EBacc) pass rate

This is the percentage of students that gained a C or better in English, Mathematics, two or more Sciences, a humanities subject (Geography or History) and a language (French, German or Spanish).
The national average is 23%

  • Attainment 8 Score

Attainment 8 is a new score that measures the achievement of a student across 8 qualifications including mathematics, English, 3 further qualifications that count in the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) and 3 further qualifications that can be GCSE or approved non-GCSE qualifications.
The National Average for Attainment 8 is 48.2

  • Progress 8 Score

Progress 8 is a new score that measures the progress a student has made against the same suite of subjects used in the Attainment 8 qualification. If a student makes the expected progress from 11-16 then the score would be zero.
A score above zero represents better than expected progress. The national average for P8 is currently  -0.03


We are delighted that our overall 5+ A*-C including English and Maths remains good at 63%, overall 5+ A*-C at 70%,  with certain subjects performing really well this year: English Language went up to 85%, English Literature 89%, Biology 84%, Chemistry 86%, Physics 91%, Maths 66%  (Maths A*/A at 24%) and Statistics 100%, Spanish 70%, Art 77%, Drama up to 89% and Photography up to 82%, Food Technology and History both 70% and our first cohort of Textiles 82%.

We continue to excel at Languages with our Heritage Languages all getting 100% A* in Chinese, Polish and Turkish.

Our students have achieved even better A*/A results than last year’s record, increasing our results for 3+ A*/A to 26% and 5+ A*/A to 20%. A*/A figures for individual subjects were extraordinary: Physics 47%, Food Technology 42%, Drama 39%, Chemistry 39%, Biology and Textiles 36%, , Maths 24%, English Literature 29% to name a few. This proves the calibre of our teaching to be at the highest level.


Once again high flying students from the Wavell School in Farnborough have excelled in their GCSE examinations. 21% of students achieved A*/As. Students with 7-12 A*/A grades included:

Aryana Keissarian   12 A*    
Maya Thomas     12 A*     
Lauren Hodges 9 A* 4 A  
Akshit Nashine 8 A*  4 A 1 B
Oliver Pople 7 A* 5 A   
Leon Lynn 6 A* 4 A 1 B
Yann le Bihan  4 A* 8 A 1 B
Sanchali Das 4 A* 5 A  2 B
Rachel Munday   4 A* 3 A 4 B
Kyle Hoggard 4 A* 7 A 1 B
Aksha Jha   1 A*  9 A  2 B


 The Wavell was in the top 4 of Hampshire schools for teaching last year and so expects to be classified as highly this year. Our pass rate of 100% shows that Every Child Matters at The Wavell School. The School’s success is based on an excellent staff who are totally committed to helping each and every student achieve their best and an outstanding partnership with parents and carers. The School is extremely proud about all of its students’ results and we wish them well with their new destinations whether it be college, apprenticeship or employment.